Created for Ludum Dare 45 - A video game competition to create a game in only 3 days.


How big can you get? As the one planet that finally figured out how to control its own orbit, you must dip and dodge gas giants, suns, and other large space objects as you absorb smaller planets to increase your size in the universe. As you get bigger, you may want to revisit those larger celestial bodies. The prey may just become the predator!

The goal of the each level is to reach a certain size by absorbing space objects that are smaller than you. As you grow bigger, you'll be able to consumer bigger and bigger objects. If you accidentally run into something bigger than you, you'll lose size, and if you lose enough size, you lose the level.


D or Right Arrow : Expand orbit

A or Left Arrow : Contract orbit

W or Up Arrow : Speed up

S or Down Arrow : Slow down

C : Toggle between side camera angle and top-down camera angle


  • Unity 2019.1.14f1
  • FMod studio for music / sound effects


Adam Horvath - Programming, Art, Game Design

Andrew Clark - Programming, Game Design

Bloco - Music, SFX, Game Design

Tom Krzewski - Game Design

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